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Emily’s Story

Engineering Emily’s story – from choosing to major in engineering in college to working as an expat in Australia to going on maternity leave after my second baby to deciding to leave engineering stay at home with my kids…you can find it all here.

Introduction to Engineering Emily – Intro to my blog

Part-time dilemma – My current work situation and its pluses and minuses

How I chose chemical engineering as my major – The story of choosing my college major

How I survived the first two years of college – The first two years of college are rough, this is the story of how I survived

The class that made me believe I could be an engineer – One class made everything click for the remainder of my engineering schooling

Internships – I share the details of how I got my internships and what they were like

How I graduated college with no student loans – I didn’t have to take out any loans in college due to scholarships

How I graduated college with a job – I did a lot of preparation to make sure I would be graduating college with a job lined up

Why I left my first job after just 7 months – My first job wasn’t exactly what I expected

Welcome to the oil and gas industry – My second job was in the energy industry

Plant Engineer – My first permanent role was as a plant engineer

International Work Opportunity – The story of how I was offered an opportunity to work in Australia

Next stop, Australia! – What it was like for me living and working in Australia

Change of heart – I considered leaving engineering for another profession

Welcome Home – The story of my move back to the US from Australia

Choosing part-time work – Why I choose part-time work and how I convinced my manager to approve the change

Working with my spouse – What it’s like to work with my spouse and how we make it work

Writing professional emails – Tips I’ve learned over the years on how to make emails clear and concise

Just a bachelor’s degree – I only have a bachelor’s degree, but it’s enough for me as an engineer

I need YOU! – A call to my readers to share your personal story on this blog

Traveling with a toddler – Traveling with a child was easy until he became a toddler, now we’re not sure what to do

The commute debate – Should we move to the suburbs for better schools (but longer commute), or stay living close to work and pay for private schools

Challenging times – The oil and gas industry is in a downturn, this is how I’m dealing with the uncertain times at work

Surviving lack of sleep – How I’m trying to survive with less sleep than I need

Reflections on Mother’s Day – Sharing my experiences on my journey to motherhood and my first few years as a mom.

Weekends  – How my weekends have evolved from fun trips to the beach to errands and chores since becoming a mom

Traveling for work – I’m finding traveling for work as a mom extremely difficult, especially in a dual-career situation

Happy Memorial Day! – Long weekend plans and a busy workweek ahead

Working for a large vs. small company – pros and cons of working for both large and small companies

Women engineering resources and blogs – A list of my favorite websites and blogs for, by and about women engineers

Working Mom’s support system – You can’t do it all without support. These are the people who make my life easier and help me be an engineer and mom.

Summer Break – I had a busy summer planned with my family

End of Summer Break – After a break from the blog I’m back after a busy summer of traveling and surviving one of the busy seasons at work

Baby #2 – I announced my pregnancy with my second child and how I broke the news at work

Work Tests – I had to pass some tough work exams to keep my job

It’s a girl! – I happily announced the arrival of my baby daughter and talked about working until past my due date

Advice to my college self – This is advice I would have given to myself in college looking back 10 years later

Maternity leave with two kids at home – How I am surviving my six month maternity leave at home with two kids under three years old

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – Going through some personal and professional changes, including updates to the blog

My last day as a working mom – I explain why I decided to take a break from my engineering career to be a stay-at-home mom

New city, new house, new job – My family moved again and are finally getting settled into our new lives

Learning the value of annual goal setting – I used to hate goal setting at work, but now that I’m a stay-a-home mom I’m longing for goals to work towards each year

Rediscovering passion for yoga and football – I recently started getting back into activities I loved pre-kids like yoga and watching football and it’s made a world of difference for my mental health

The engineer stereotype – I talk about the engineer stereotype and how women are breaking the mold

Top 10 reasons to become an engineer – I share my top 10 reasons you should become an engineer

I finally read Lean In…and I liked it! – I read the book professional women have been talking about for years, and wish I had read it a lot sooner

Marriage Tax changes – My husband helped teach me about changes in the tax law that affect high earning married couples

Stay-at-home mom vs Engineer – I’ve been struggling with my decision to leave my career as an engineer to be a stay-at-home mom, so I created lists of the 5 best and worst things about being both a stay-at-home mom and engineer

A Busy Mom’s guide to Stitch Fix – I recently treated myself to new clothes using and loved the experience from getting a personal stylist to selecting my budget, this guide breaks down the whole experience

5 Best things about being a mom to a toddler and baby – Being a mom to two young kids is challenging but there is so much to love about it too, so in this post I share what I love about this stage of life

All about Mentors: How to choose a Mentor, be a good Mentee, and be a good Mentor – Let’s face it, the title says it all! I’m sharing everything I know about mentoring and being mentored in this post

Why I love gardening – I recently started a vegetable garden in my backyard and it has inspired me to add a gardening feature to the blog! Stay tuned for many more future posts about gardening and recipes from our garden 🙂

My top 8 tips for traveling with two young kids – I share a few tips I’ve learned through our many family vacations flying around the country (and world) to keep the kids happy and entertained on flights.

Celebrating the 4th of July – I talk about my family traditions for Independence Day, one of my favorite holidays!

6 Tips for managing stress for busy moms – I discuss my own personal battle with stress and some methods I use to help alleviate my stress

1 year after our first move with kids – I reflect on our first move as a family and how far we’ve come one year later

First day of preschool blues – I talk about the ups and downs of starting my children in early preschool as a stay-at-home mom.

9 Reasons to wear activewear everyday (and splurge on it too) – I share my passion for activewear fashion and explain why it’s ok to wear it all day everyday! 😉

How I go try dream mentor by being brave and seizing an opportunity – I share the story of being selected to be mentored by Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co

My 2018 Thankful List – I share a list of everything I am thankful for in my life this year

7 Tips to Manage and Reduce Holiday Season Stress – I share 7 things I am doing to help keep my stress down during the holidays


Women in Engineering Interview Series  

Inspiring stories from women engineers about their path from college student to successful engineer. Visit the Women in Engineering Interview Series page for more information.

Paula D. – Mechanical engineer and yoga instructor

Rita – Civil engineer and mother

Mi K. – Mechanical engineer and world traveller

Gracelin O. – Mechanical engineer and mentor

Florence D. – Mechanical engineer turned software developer/business owner and mom

Joanne R. Z. – Civil engineer and mom

Amelia P. C. – Chemical engineer and mom

Elsa L. – Petroleum engineer and mom

Diane L. – Reservoir engineer and mom

Laura C. – Aerospace engineer and mom

Jeanet S. – Energy engineering business owner and mom

Alicia S. – Chemical engineer working in oil and gas industry and mom

Christy S. – Mechanical engineer turned stay-at-home mom and blogger

Sarah K. – Chemical engineer working as an expat in oil and gas industry

Jessica S. – Petroleum engineer turned stay-at-home mom

Dr Ashie B. – Chemical engineer researcher turned StemChef founder/educator

Katherine N. – Civil engineer and blogger

Karen W. – Industrial engineer, turned stay-at-home mom, turned petroleum engineer

Jessica P. – early career Structural engineer

STEM for Kids

Easy and fun experiments for babies and toddlers. All STEM for kids activities have detailed explanation about the science (this is more for the parents), how to explain it to young kids, and safety. See the STEM for Kids page for more information.

3 ways to do math everyday with toddlers – Introduce your kids to math as toddlers with counting activities

Easy and fun tower building activity to teach toddlers about shapes and gravity – Stack magnetic blocks to form different shaped towers then knock them down

3 fun and easy static electricity activities for babies and toddlers – Make you kids hair stand on end and balloons stick to walls in these fun science experiments

Fun and easy straw rocket STEM activity for toddlers – Learn about Newton’s laws and physics while playing with easy to make rockets

Teach you kids STEM concepts while making Rice Krispies Treats! – Make a classic recipe while learning about volume and change of state

3 Valentine’s Day themed Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments for toddlers – Watch baking soda foam and fizzle in these fun experiments for kids ages 18 months+

2 Ocean themed STEM Experiments for Kids – Learn about how blubber protects artic animals from the cold and why things float in salt water with these two easy experiments that you can set up in minutes

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Earth Day STEM activities for kids – Teach your children to love the planet on Earth Day with these 3 easy activities for kids of all ages

9 Easy Preschool Math activities you can do everyday – A guest post I wrote for about how I do math everyday with my son and now he adds, subtracts and can count to 100!

Summer Fun for Kids: 4 simple indoor and outdoor Rainbow STEM experiments – I share 4 rainbow themed experiments that are easy to do at home with your kids (2 indoor activities and 2 outdoor activities)

3 Simple Water Fun Experiments for Toddlers and Preschoolers – My kids and I have a blast trying these fun experiments for kids involving water (caution: you will have fun and get wet!)

Exploring the Five Senses for Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers: Sense of Touch – We learn all about the sense of touch in these fun experiments exploring the babies bodies and surrounding objects

Girls Who Code Baby Code! Book Series Review – My kids and I read and reviewed the new Baby Code! books

Exploring the Five Senses for Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers: Sense of Taste – We learn all about the sense of taste in these fun experiments exploring the babies bodies and surrounding objects

Rox’s Secret Code Children’s STEAM Book Review – My kids and I read and reviewed this adorable children’s book about a girl who builds robots and programs them with code

STEM vs. STEAM – what’s the difference? – I share my research and personal opinions about when, why, and how to using these two increasingly prevalent acronyms 

Exploring the Five Sense for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers: Sense of Smell – We learn about our noses, identifying items by smell alone, and how smell determines the flavor or food




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