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Emily’s Story

Engineering Emily’s story – from choosing to major in engineering in college to working as an expat in Australia to going on maternity leave after my second baby to deciding to leave engineering stay at home with my kids…you can find it all here.

Women in Engineering Interview Series

Inspiring stories from women engineers about their path from college student to successful engineer. Visit the Women in Engineering Interview Series page for more information.

    • Paula D. – Mechanical engineer and yoga instructor
    • Rita – Civil engineer and mother
    • Mi K. – Mechanical engineer and world traveller
    • Gracelin O. – Mechanical engineer and mentor
    • Florence D. – Mechanical engineer turned software developer/business owner and mom
    • Amelia P. C. – Chemical engineer and mom
    • Elsa L. – Petroleum engineer and mom
    • Diane L. – Reservoir engineer and mom
    • Laura C. – Aerospace engineer and mom
    • Jeanet S. – Energy engineering business owner and mom
    • Alicia S. – Chemical engineer working in oil and gas industry and mom
    • Christy S. – Mechanical engineer turned stay-at-home mom and blogger
    • Sarah K. – Chemical engineer working as an expat in oil and gas industry
    • Jessica S. – Petroleum engineer turned stay-at-home mom
    • Dr Ashie B. – Chemical engineer researcher turned StemChef founder/educator
    • Katherine N. – Civil engineer and blogger
    • Karen W. – Industrial engineer, turned stay-at-home mom, turned petroleum engineer
    • Jessica P. – early career Structural engineer
    • Gracel D. – Petroleum engineering manager and mom
    • Lori (L.A.)  K. – Automation engineer and author
    • Charlotte W.J. – Geotechnical design engineer, mom, and Moonflower handmade clothing shop owner
    • Kristen A.STEM blogger and former Quality Engineer
    • Rebecca H. Validation Engineering Consultant and Subject Matter Expert

    Recipes and Gardening

    I love cooking healthy family-friendly foods with my kids. We also enjoy growing a raised-bed fruit and vegetable garden in our backyard together. These activites are great to do together as a family and also there are lots of opportunites to learn STEAM concepts along the way! 

    We test, create and share simple, fun, easy experiments for kids of all ages.


    We read and share our reviews of the best STEAM books for kids of all ages.

    We test and share our reviews of the best STEAM toys for kids of all ages.


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