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My son has really blossomed as a reader this year. He is in first grade, and now he is able to read well on his own! It’s bittersweet for me because he doesn’t always have to ask me to read books to him anymore. I LOVE reading to my kids – I’d say it’s my favorite thing to do with them everyday as a mom. But occasionally he still lets me read to him, and I treasure these moments together.

Book Publicity Services recently gifted us the new Middle Grade chapter book, Bronson Beaver Builds a Robot by Teko Bernard. The book is targeted to young readers age 7-12. It features animals, nature, technology, video games, and robots – which perfectly aligns with my son’s interests!

Since my son is only 6 and still a very newly independent reader, he wasn’t quite ready to read this chapter book on his own. So to my great pleasure, I got to read this book to him! We really enjoyed reading this story together, keep reading for our complete overview and review.


Bronson Beaver Builds a Robot is about a 13 year old beaver named Bronson who is an aspiring inventor. He loves to build new inventions and play video games with his two friends, Myron Mink and Franny Fox. He works with his parents at their family resort where he invented a famous pancake making machine.

His family is hosting a pancake event at their resort on the same weekend as a video game tournament that he promised to play in with his friends. He decides to build a robot to do his chores at the resort so he can play in the video game tournament for the weekend.

The robot works great the first day and does all his chores, but on the second day things go terribly wrong and almost ruin his family’s business. Bronson has to work with his family and friends to make things right.


My son really enjoyed reading this story with me. He loves animals, so he liked that the characters were animals. He also recently got into video games this year when he was given a Nintendo Switch for his birthday, so he was very interested in the video game competition. My son is also into technology, so the robot that could do the chores was very fascinating for him.

I liked the lessons being taught in the book. Bronson is a relatable teenage boy who would rather play video games than do hard work to help his family. But when he tried to get out of his chores by making a robot do his work things went wrong. Bronson had to acknowledge his mistakes, face his responsibilities, and make things right. His friends came to help him make things right at the resort and showed him the true value of friendship.

I hope it helped my son learn that you can’t ignore or try to get out of responsibilities. There’s a time and place for both play and for work. It’s important to be able to separate the two and know when work and family has to come first. But he also learned if you work hard and do the right thing, you will be rewarded with free time to play and the love and admiration of your family and friends.


  • Science: Kids are learning a little about animals and nature in this book. Bronson and his family are hard-working beavers, his best friends are a mink and a fox, and the pancake judge is a bear. They live in the woods, and I enjoyed the descriptions of nature in their surroundings.
  • Technology: This book discusses a lot about robots and video games. It is fun to read about Bronson building the robot and how he programed the robot to do his chores. But kids also learn that technology isn’t always a good thing and there are limits to technology use.

This is a great book for young readers who are into video games, robots, animals, and nature. My son loved the story and could relate to Bronson’s behavior. The chapters are short and quick to read, which is perfect for new readers.

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