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This week’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is “How to Catch a Unicorn” by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton. 

This book was another wonderful surprise that was gifted to my daughter for her birthday last year. It has been one of her (and my son’s) favorite books since then. 


We follow a unicorn as she visits her friends at the zoo. Meanwhile a group of five clever kids are plotting to catch her. They set traps for her throughout the zoo, but she gets help from her animal friends to escape. 


A book about unicorns & the zoo & and STEM design (the traps) is a winner for both me and the kids! We all LOVE this book. I like looking at the traps the kids set for the unicorn on each page. My daughter loves the following the unicorn’s sparkling rainbow trail, and my son likes seeing all the animals in the zoo. The illustrations are vibrant and engaging. 

This is my son’s favorite page because the trap is made of paper chains and he loves paper crafts!


  • Engineering: The kids in the book are using their engineering design skills to make traps for the unicorn. They make traps such as a parachute, a cage on a pulley that can drop down, a catapult powered net, a paper chain, and more. 
  • Art: Unicorns are magical and spark kids’ imaginations. The illustrations will make the kids want to touch each page to follow the rainbow. 
Can you tell that we all really like this book?

Have you read this fun book with your kids yet? If you don’t have it yet and are interested in buying it for your kids, you can use my Amazon link here.


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