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Peekabook is an educational toy that combines beautiful illustrations with new technologies to tell a story in a fun interactive way! It’s kind of like a lift-the-flap book on your iPad screen! The explorer ring magically brings the stories and illustrations to life.

My kids and I were recently gifted a Peekabook explorer ring and 10 books on the app. I had never heard of Peekabook when the team initially reached out, but once I learned about it I couldn’t wait to try it out with my kids.

Inside the box is an explorer ring and silicone holder with strap (you can select from 3 different colors). It requires you have an iPad, and you will have to download the app. We were gifted a code that allowed us to download all 10 books, normally the starter kit comes with 3 books, and the additional 7 books would be purchased separately within the app.

This is the book The Neighborhood. The illustrations are really good and it was so fun for us to explore the city and discover people, animals and things with our explorer ring. It was fun for us to guess who people in the city are after reading the clues.

The explorer ring is placed on your iPad screen to act as a magnifying glass as you explore stories. I thought this was a really cool new way to learn on the iPad that is great at home, but would also be easy to take along in the car or on trips.

This is the Peek Inside Your Body book – You can learn about organs, bones, how your body works, and more! This is a cool book that will grow with my kids.

What’s really cool is you can use the physical explorer ring or a virtual ring that is moved by touching the iPad screen. My kids loved the physical explorer ring – sometimes holding something physical brings the experience more to life – it was like a magnifying glass over the story. But I love how the virtual ring means you can play this anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an iPad.

This is the Journey to Ocean book – my son enjoyed reading this book. We love how the illustrations start black and white and become colored as you explore them with the ring.

The 10 books we have are: Peek Inside Your Body (the most popular Peekabook), Little Red Riding Hood, Creature Comforts, Journey to the Ocean: Life of a Salmon, Peek Inside The World of Transportation, A-Z, Around the Christmas Tree, The Big Safari, The Neighborhood, and Wonderfood Wonderland.

This is the book Little Red Riding Hood. I love this classic story, and it was so fun to explore the forest while reading the story with the Peekabook.

All 3 of my kids have tried the Peekabook app, but my 6 year old daughter played with the Peekabook the most so far. I think it’s perfect for her age: she is going into 1st grade and just learning to read. She liked that she has the option to read the book or there is an option for the book to read the words to her.

This is the Creature Comforts book – my daughter loved doing the search and find within the book and also the night-time mode where the explorer ring makes everything into darkness and special items glow.

My 6 year old preferred listening to the stories and she especially loved the search and find stories where she has to find hidden pictures with the explorer ring. Her favorite books were Creature Comforts and Around the Christmas Tree.

This is the book Around the Christmas Tree – one of my daughter’s favorites. She liked finding all the hidden pictures and listening to the Christmas stories and songs.

I have been reading the A-Z book with my 1-and-a-half year old. We loved seeing the animals change color and learning about letters and animals together. She is still a little young for it, but I can see us reading this on the app over the next few years as she learns her letters and animals.

This is book A-Z, the illustrations are in black and white until you place the explorer ring over them and they become colored and you can read about the animal. I used the virtual ring with my baby while reading this book together.

After listening to and reading all of the stories with my kids, I liked Little Red Riding Hood (a fun retelling of the classic fairytale) and The Big Safari (I loved the black and white world that turns to vibrant color full of animals with the explorer ring) the best. Peek Inside Your Body is pretty cool too – we learned lots about our bodies and I can see this book growing with us.

This is the book The Big Safari. I loved the beautiful illustrations in this book – and how all the illustrations were hidden until you uncover them with the explorer ring, once you uncover an animal you can read to learn more about it.

You have seen us share Osmo games on the iPad in the past, but this was a much different experience than the Osmo. In Peekabook you’re working on iPad screen itself, whereas with Osmo you look at the screen but mostly work offscreen with supplemental tools.

This is the book Wonderfood Wonderland. This is another fun search and find game. Doesn’t really have a story it’s more about the fun illustrations, but there are things to read here and there throughout as you explore.

Peekabook will be great for us to take along on a car ride or while traveling. It’s very portable because all you need is your iPad, then the kids have educational entertainment on the go!

This is the book Peek Inside the World of Transportation. This is a great book if your kids are into planes, trains, automobiles, etc. Once exciting surprise for my daughter was the elephant!

I am so glad we got to try this cool new educational toy. If you’re interested in trying Peekabook with your kids, they have given me a 15% off code for you to use! To redeem the code go to and enter the promo code EEMILY15 on your order! This code is only valid for 2 weeks and not combinable with other offers.

You can download the app and get the first book Peek Inside Your Body for free! So try it with the virtual explorer ring, and then you can decide if you’d like to purchase the physical explorer ring and more books.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or if you try it with your kids let me know how you like it!


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