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Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is Smithsonian Book’s Curious About Fossils by Kate Waters. 

I’ve shared activities and toys all about fossils this week, so it makes sense to end the week with a book about fossils! My husband and I found this book on Amazon, and it is perfect for my curious fossil loving kids. 


Curious About Fossils covers all aspects of fossils for curious kids. From some of the earliest fossil hunters (including Mary Anning who we were introduced to in our May/June issue of Lil’ Smore magazine), to modern paleontologists. We learned about their discoveries, their tools, their worksites, and more. 

We love Mary Anning


My kids enjoyed learning more about paleontologists and their discoveries. Like “Mr. Bones” who discovered the first t-rex fossil. This led me to asking my kids to imagine what they could discover as a paleontologist. My son thinks it would be cool to discover how to tell what color dinosaurs were. I agree and told him I hope he makes that discovery one day! 

Of course, one of my kids’ favorite parts of the book is the picture of the giant sloth poop. Just like with the fossil kit I shared yesterday, poop is always exciting to kids. Haha. They also loved seeing actual pictures of the fossils being dug out of the ground. 

My kids’ favorite part: giant sloth poop


  • Science: We learned about paleontologists, their tools, and about the fossils they hunt for. We learned about how paleontologists work in labs, and they also camp out at dig sites. There is a variety of paleontology specialties from plants to animals, and so much left to discover. 

Curious About Fossils is full of interesting information about fossils and paleontology. It has lots of words, so I would recommend it for older kids (5+) who have a strong interest in fossils and paleontology. If your child is not passionate about learning about these topics they may lose attention while reading this detailed book. 

If you’re interested in purchasing this book for your kids, you can find it on Amazon here


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