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The Very Impatient Caterpillar by Ross Burach | STEAM Children’s Book Review

Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is “The Very Impatient Caterpillar” by Ross Burach. This was another great find from my son’s elementary school book fair last fall.  This spring during distance learning my son had an assignment about the lifecycle of caterpillars. He had to draw the lifecycle...

Make a Lava Lamp | STEAM Activity for Kids

Today’s STEAM Activity is making Lava Lamps! Growing up I had a green lava lamp in my room. It was already considered a "retro" toy back then, but I absolutely loved it! It was mesmerizing and relaxing for me to stare at and I loved the soft glow it made while I studied in my room at night. I was...

Magna-Qubix 3D Magnetic Building Shapes Set | STEAM Toy Review

Today we’re sharing a woman-founded STEM online shop and the awesome STEM toy they gifted us! The STEM Kidz sells awesome, fun and educational STEM toys. Their website is pretty cool, you can search by age or interest to find the perfect toy for your kids.  I was looking for a toy that would...

Make a Piñata | STEAM Activity for Kids

Do you have a graduation or birthday celebration coming up? I have a perfect project for you and your kids to add a little excitement to the celebration! Today’s STEAM Activity is making a Piñata! This activity is easy and SO.MUCH.FUN to smash open, but it’s also a messy, multi-day process. If you...

There Was an Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon! by Lucille Colandro | STEAM Book Review

Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is There was an Old Astronaut who Swallowed the Moon! By Lucille Colandro and illustrated by Jared Lee. This is part of the popular There was an Old Lady series of books, but this time the Old Lady becomes an Old Astronaut! We have several books from the Old...

How Many Books Can One Piece of Paper Hold? | STEAM Activity for Kids

I asked my kids, "How many books can one piece of paper hold?" They both quickly replied “None!” But to their amazement I showed them that one piece of paper can hold up to 7 books and two pieces of paper held 17 books! Maybe your paper will hold even more books!  MATERIALS: Letter size...

Make a Car using Recycled Materials | STEAM Activity for Kids

Today we're going to make a car using recycled materials! This car rolls and is fun to play with, and you will have the opportunity to challenge your kids to find ways to make the car move without pushing it!  MATERIALS: Small, short cardboard box (we used a macaroni and cheese box and a 1/2...

Make a Balloon Powered Rocket | STEAM Activity for Kids

Today's activity is to make a balloon powered rocket! My kids had so much fun launching the rocket and racing it across our room! My paper-craft-loving son also really enjoyed the challenge I gave him to draw a rocket using only shapes to attach to the balloon. MATERIALS: ...

Building Challenge: Make Shapes and Structures using Marshmallows and Toothpicks | STEAM Activity for Kids

I bought 2 bags of marshmallows when I stocked up on groceries a few weeks ago, and we burned through both of them in one day! First, we made practiced STEM concepts while making Rice Krispies Treats (this was one of my most popular posts from a few years ago). Our second STEAM Activity for the...

How to Catch a Unicorn | STEAM Children’s Book Review

This week’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is “How to Catch a Unicorn” by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton.  This book was another wonderful surprise that was gifted to my daughter for her birthday last year. It has been one of her (and my son’s) favorite books since then.  BOOK OVERVIEW: We...

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