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Celebrate Mole Day with the book Mole and Tell | STEAM Book Review

My family was recently gifted a copy of the picture book Mole and Tell. This book is written by a sister-brother team, Catherine Payne and John Payne II, and beautifully illustrated by Elisa Rocchi. The book follows a 4th grade class as they learn about moles. My son asked me, are we talking an...

Birthday Celebration: Learn about Air Pressure with Balloons and Fire | STEAM Activity for Kids

We recently celebrated my son's birthday! He likes doing our STEAM activities so I wanted to think of a birthday themed experiment for us to do together. We had extra balloons from his birthday decorations, so I knew I wanted to use balloons in our experiment. Our recent experiment The Fire and...

Peekabook Review | STEAM Toy for Kids

Peekabook is an educational toy that combines beautiful illustrations with new technologies to tell a story in a fun interactive way! It's kind of like a lift-the-flap book on your iPad screen! The explorer ring magically brings the stories and illustrations to life. My kids and I were recently...

Eggsperiment: Make a Bouncy Egg | STEAM Activity for Kids

Grab your kids and an egg (or three), and get ready to blow your kids' minds with this eggsperiment! At the end of this experiment my daughter looked at me and said, "This is the best experiment we have ever done!" We have done 90 experiments over the years for this blog, so those words mean a lot...

Cleaning Pennies | STEAM Activity for Kids

My kids have been collecting change for a few years now. Recently they've been telling me that their pennies look dirty. I told them that I think we can clean them, but not with soap - instead with items from the kitchen! They were excited to try it out. This is another fun and super easy STEAM...

The Fire and The Flood | STEAM Activity for Kids

My goal is to make our STEAM activities super easy to set up and execute, and most importantly, give kids the "wow" reaction by the end! This reaction is what will get them excited about STEAM and keep coming back for more experiments. Today's experiment perfectly hits those goals! With just a few...

Write a Secret Message with Homemade Invisible Ink

My kids have been asking me to start posting to our YouTube channel again for awhile now. But with school, activities, and family life I haven't had time to do any activities with them. Now that school's out for summer we all agreed to try to do at least one STEAM themed activity a week together....

Color Changing Blueberry and Lemon Juice | STEAM Activity for Kids

This experiment is a continuation of our Butterfly Pea Tea Color Change STEAM Activity. During that experiment I explained to my kids that the dark color in the butterfly pea tea that is a pH indicator is also found in things like blueberries. My son immediately asked if we could try the...

Color Changing Love Potion Tea | Valentine’s Day STEAM Activity for Kids

This tea will “magically” change from lonely blue to LOVEly pink just by adding one delicious ingredient! It makes a perfect love potion for your little Valentine to enjoy. If you’ve been around this blog for awhile you probably noticed I haven’t shared very many experiments in the last few...

Dinosaur Valley State Park | STEAM Family Road Trip

A few weeks ago my family took a road trip from Houston to Waco, then on to Glen Rose, Texas to visit the Dinosaur Valley State Park. My husband has wanted to take my kids to visit this park for years to see dinosaur tracks. It's best to visit this State Park during drier periods because the...

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