Today I’m sharing Lil’ Smore, a STEM magazine for kids! Smore Science creates Lil’ Smore and Smore magazines for kids. In addition to the magazines, they have a great website with activities, experiments, and information about STEM careers and the women who work in them.

We were gifted this issue of the Lil’ Smore magazine, and we will continue with a subscription after reading this issue. My kids not only enjoyed reading this magazine with me, but they were inspired to become fossil hunters! 


Lil’ Smore is a STEM themed magazine for kids age 3-7. There is also the Smore magazine for older kids age 8-12. These magazines are designed to get girls excited about STEM by featuring real stories from real role models (but they’re great for boys too). The Lil’ Smore magazine features experiments, activities, puzzles, scientist spotlights, science topics, and more. 


We read magazines almost daily. I read them to my kids while they are eating breakfast in the morning. We have subscriptions to Highlights High Five and Ranger Rick Jr. This magazine was as fun to read for my kids as the other magazines, and I liked that it was 100% STEM focused. The interesting projects and articles really sparked my kids’ interest and curiosity to learn more about the topics.

We read the May/June Issue featuring Fossil Hunter Mary Anning. My son already had an interest in paleontology, but after reading this issue he has really latched on to the paleontology/fossil hunter theme. Last week after reading the magazine he declared he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up, he made a fossil hunting kit, and he went on daily fossil hunts in our backyard. Anything that taps into my kids’ curiosity and makes them want to keep learning is worth every penny to me!


  • Science: While I consider this a STEAM magazine, technically, it’s just science focused. We learned about paleontologists, their tools, and about the fossils they hunt for. We also learned about bones, elephants, the sun, and hurricanes in this information packed issue. 

There was so much good information in this magazine that it has inspired all our upcoming activities this week. I’ll be sharing several activities about fossil hunting, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss any posts!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Lil’ Smore, head over to the Smore website for more information! 


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