I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing day with family for the Memorial Day holiday!  I took Friday off work and today is a holiday, so I’m enjoying an extra-long weekend! I went out of town to visit my sister with my mom and two aunts this weekend. We had a fun girls weekend away, but I’m grateful to be back home to my husband and son today. We’re going to do a traditional backyard BBQ with watermelon and corn tonight and we might even play a game of tee ball with my son! 🙂

Even though this coming week will be a shortened work week because we had today (Monday) off work, my weeks when I have Mondays off often seem like longer work weeks. Do you ever get that feeling too? This week especially will seem long for me because I have to travel for work on Wednesday and will be gone from home for 16 hours. Talk about a long work day! Luckily this doesn’t happen too often for me, but it still will wear me out!

What are your Memorial Day plans? What has been your longest work day, and how do you survive it?



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