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Hi I’m Emily. I’m an engineer, mom and wife. I’m passionate about encouraging kids to love STEM, introducing girls to engineering, and motivating women to find personal happiness in their career and motherhood journeys.

My favorite page on the blog is STEM for Kids featuring easy and fun STEM experiments and activities for you to try at home with your kids.

I’ve found success in the male-dominated engineering industry and I hope by sharing my experiences I can encourage others who would like to do the same. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance career and family, but I’ll share my tips along the way.

I have a BS in chemical engineering. I worked my college summer internships at a national laboratory. After college graduation I worked briefly in the semiconductor industry, and then I found a job in the energy industry. Since then I’ve stayed in the energy industry, but I’ve worked for several different companies. I’ve worked in small towns, big cities, and as an expat in Australia.

My husband is my best friend, my co-worker, and an all around great guy. I’ve worked every professional job I’ve ever had with him. We have found ways to keep work and our personal lives separate and we liked eating lunch together everyday when we worked together.

I am currently on a career break to be a stay-at-home mom to my three children – a son and daughter in elementary school and a baby girl. Being a mom of three young children is challenging. But I’m constantly learning from them and they bring me so much joy.

My interest and hobbies include healthy cooking and baking, gardening, crafting, exercise, board games, reading, and traveling.

Follow along with my Emily’s story tagged posts for stories about my past, present and future. I hope you will share your stories with me too!

Engineering Emily

My family

My family


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