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Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM Book is “What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day” written by Martha Simpson and illustrated by Jana Christy.

I selected this book in celebration of Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday. My brother and his sweet family recently sent my kids this book, and we all love it!


Mother’s Day is coming up and the narrator, a young boy, gives his advice on what NOT to give your mom (and it sounds like he may have learned from experience…haha).

He goes on to give examples such as to not give your mom worms, unless she is a bird, or not give your dead flies, unless she is a spider. You are introduced to many unusual and unappealing gifts, and learn which animal moms really WOULD love that gift. 


We loved seeing the gross items he would come up with on each page and learning about the animals who like each gift. If you have a bug collector or animal lover (like my kids) in your family they will get a kick out of this book.

It’s also perfect for early readers, with only one sentence per page. My kindergartener son was able to read the whole book by himself.

Of course my favorite part was on the last page, when the boy suggests you could give your mom a hug and kiss, because I was able to get a hug and kiss from my kids after we read that! I’ll take all the hugs and kisses from my kids I can get!

I love this tight squeeze hug!


  • Science: We learn what birds, dogs, spiders, salamanders, deer, beavers, aardvarks, pigs, and bats like to eat, snack on, or play with. Young kids may be introduced to some new animals, and also learn what these animals consider treats! 
  • Art: This book has beautiful illustrations sure to inspire any young artists to start drawing their favorite animals. 

I can’t resist a good book about loving up on mom! This book was a wonderful surprise for us, and hopefully you can surprise your family with this fun book for Mother’s Day too! 

If you’d like to purchase this book to share with your family, here is my Amazon link to purchase it.


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