Since I first started this blog in January, I’ve slowly shared my journey in posts about my engineering career. I’ve written about how I choose to major in engineering, my college years, and my various job experiences that have led me to my current position. I’ve done this so you can read my journey and (hopefully) relate to the stories or be inspired by them.

Maybe a high school girl who’s still unsure about choosing engineering will read my posts to help her decide engineering sounds right (or wrong) for her. When I chose to major in engineering, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I hope my posts will help girls be more prepared than I was for what is ahead of them in school and their careers. Also I want my posts to reach women in similar situations to me, working mothers who are also trying to figure out how to balance career and family responsibilities.

Now I’ve finished sharing my journey (but don’t worry, I still have many related posts to share in addition to continuing to post about my current career and future prospects). So now, I’d love to share YOUR journey on the blog too! 

If you are (whether currently working or not) an engineer, or a women in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) career field, I’d love to share your story on this blog. Maybe you’ve left engineering for another field, or to become a full-time mom, how and why did you make that choice? Maybe you’re working full-time as an engineer and you’re a mom, how do you balance it all? Maybe you’re just graduated or are still in engineering school, what are your challenges and opportunity prospects like?

For all of you ladies, I’d love to hear how you got to your current position and your struggles and triumphs along the way. I’ll interview you over email (so you can write your story in your own voice if you chose) and share your story anonymously. I will not post your name, school or employer (unless you want me to).

By agreeing to be interviewed, you have the opportunity to help influence and inspire other women already working in engineering and young girls still deciding if they want to be an engineer when they grow up. Even if you’ve left engineering, it’s helpful and relevant to share why you’ve left.

Thanks for reading my blog. Women don’t have to be the minority in engineering and STEM fields forever. Sharing our stories helps young girls see that there are many successful, bright and beautiful women working in these fields. We can help each other figure out how to balance career and family so we can feel satisfied in both regards. Together we can help influence the change we want to see happen for women in STEM!

If you’re interested in being interviewed, please comment below, or send me an email to I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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