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At the start of quarantine in March, I ordered a 6 month subscription of KiwiCo Kiwi Crate for my 5 year old son and Koala Crate for my 3 year old daughter. This month my daughter got the Rainforest Koala Crate and my son got the Fun With Flight Kiwi Crate, and they are the best crates we have gotten so far.

Rainforest Koala Crate

The Rainforest Koala Crate came with materials to make a butterfly/caterpillar puppet, a rain stick, and a tree pom pom game. My daughter loved decorating the butterfly puppet with the provided felt stickers, then wearing her puppet on her hand and flying the butterfly around the house. The butterfly could be turned inside out and made into a caterpillar.

My son really wanted to make the rain stick, so my daughter agreed to let him do the work while she supervised and decorated the tree topper for the pom pom game.

They had a blast trying to fit all the pom poms on top of the tree using the tweezers. This is a fun game they can play with over and over again.

This Koala Crate was age appropriate for my 3 year old, she was able to do pretty much everything herself and she loved everything that was included in this crate!

Fun with Flight Kiwi Crate

The Fun with Flight Kiwi Crate came with materials to make a rocket launcher, 4 rockets, and 2 kites. My son and I followed the directions to build the rocket launcher together. I don’t think he could have done it by himself, but with my assistance he completed most of the work.

I also helped my son build the rockets. The stickers that were supposed to attach the fins to the straws were not sticky enough to hold to the straw, but regular tape from home worked great.

Once the launcher and rockets were built, we had a blast launching the rockets! Both my kids were able to use the launcher themselves. My kids have continued to use the rocket launcher regularly since we got it a few weeks ago. They were especially excited by the rocket launcher because they watched the SpaceX and NASA rocket launch around the same time we got this crate!

I think my kids’ favorite activity from the two crates was the kites. The Kiwi Crate came with two kites, and they had so fun coloring and making designs on their own kites. I helped them fold the kites and attach the string then they spent a good part of the afternoon flying the kites in our backyard.

My 5 year old son wasn’t able to do all the activities in the Kiwi Crate independently, but with a little help from me, both he and my 3 year old daughter loved playing with the rockets and kites. 

Have you tried KiwiCo crates yet? Which has been your favorite? If you’re interested in signing up for a crate you can use any of my affiliate links in this post, or click here to subscribe to KiwiCo.


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