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Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is The Big Book of Birds by Yuval Zommer. My kids are really into birds right now and my son asked me if I can get him a book about birds so he can learn more. How could I possibly say no to a request like that? I’ve seen several of Yuval Zommer’s picture books on Instagram, and I really wanted to get my kids one of his books, so when my son asked for a bird book I knew exactly which one to buy him. 


The Big Book of Birds is a giant non-fiction picture book full of beautiful illustrations and facts about birds. It covers topics such as bird watching, feathers and flight, eggs, bird calls and songs, and bird homes. It also has information about many types of birds, such as flightless birds, and full page spreads with information about 15 individual bird species. This book will please any young bird lover and/or artist in your life. 


My son wanted a book about birds and this book delivered exactly what he was looking for. There are tons of bird facts and information, and there are beautiful illustrations of many different kinds of birds. My son loves learning about all kinds of animals and he also is very into drawing. He was so impressed and inspired by the beautiful illustrations throughout the book.

He has been telling me everyday since we got this book how much he loves it! We like it so much we’re planning to order Zommer‘s The Big Book of Bugs next. If wanting all of his books for my kids isn’t the highest compliment, I don’t know what is. 

My kids have even taken our bird book along as reference on a nature walk bird watching in our neighborhood. We also looked at it for inspiration while we were making nests in our yard.

Bird watching with their favorite bird book!


  • Science: Fill your child’s curiosity about birds with this book full of everything you need to know about birds from their nests and eggs, to their habitat and food, to their size, behavior, feathers, colors and more. This will make any kid a bird enthusiast. 
  • Art: This book is filled cover to cover with beautiful, colorful, and realistic-yet playful illustrations. My art-loving son really enjoyed the art. 

I hope you check out this book and enjoy it as much as we do! If you’d like a copy of The Big Book of Birds for your family, you can find it on Amazon using my link here.


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