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I always knew I wanted to start teaching my kids Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) concepts early in their lives. My husband and I are both engineers, and we were raised in families who supported and encouraged a strong early foundation in STEAM.

I think my family’s enthusiasm for math and science fostered a belief in myself that I could do STEAM. I was brave and signed up for the advanced math and science classes and applied for engineering school in college, even when I was one of the only females in the classes.

I want to give my children the self-confidence they need, so they know that they too can do or be anything they can imagine. I want my kids to enjoy learning about math, science, and technology and become good at these subjects through practice and patience. So, I’m starting to teach them young (I started these experiments when my son was two years old).

We’re doing simple, easy and fun experiments that anyone can do with materials you probably already have at home. We’re also reading and sharing our reviews of STEAM children’s picture books, playing with and reviewing STEAM toys, and visiting and sharing our experiences at children’s science museums. I hope you’ll join us by encouraging your kids to love STEAM too!

Latest STEAM for Kids posts

Glowing Fireworks in a Jar

I make a family photo album every year to have a printed copy of all our fun family photos and memories. The albums take me months and months to make because I sort through the thousands of photos on my phone, organize the selected photos in a logical way, and then make it look nice in the album....

Discover Snow using the Five Senses | Snow Day STEAM Activity for Babies and Toddlers

This is a an awesome snow day activity for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! We collected a jar of snow outside and brought it inside for my toddler to explore using her five senses. Learning using the five senses is one of my favorite ways to introduce young kids to STEM. I let my toddler touch...

Study Snowflakes Inside | Snow Day STEAM Activity for Kids

This is another super easy snow day STEAM activity. All you need is snow and a magnifying glass! We collected a jar of snow outside and brought it in for observations. My kids then took turns using our magnifying glass to look at the snow. The magnifying glass helped them see the details in the...

Observe Snow Melting Inside | Snow Day STEAM Activity for Kids

We had snow/sleet in Houston last week! My kids and I were so excited to see it and play in it because snow is rare for us. Naturally, we wanted to take the snow inside to experiment with too. We did several snow related activities over our two snow days and I’ll share them in the next few posts...

Make Ice Outside | Snow Day STEAM Activity for Kids

A few weeks ago we got a winter surprise in Houston. The temperatures dipped below freezing for several days and it snowed/sleeted! Today it's sunny and in the 70s so that seems like a distant memory. But it's still winter for most of the country so hopefully you can try this experiment somewhere...

Celebrate Mole Day with the book Mole and Tell | STEAM Book Review

My family was recently gifted a copy of the picture book Mole and Tell. This book is written by a sister-brother team, Catherine Payne and John Payne II, and beautifully illustrated by Elisa Rocchi. The book follows a 4th grade class as they learn about moles. My son asked me, are we talking an...

Birthday Celebration: Learn about Air Pressure with Balloons and Fire | STEAM Activity for Kids

We recently celebrated my son's birthday! He likes doing our STEAM activities so I wanted to think of a birthday themed experiment for us to do together. We had extra balloons from his birthday decorations, so I knew I wanted to use balloons in our experiment. Our recent experiment The Fire and...

Peekabook Review | STEAM Toy for Kids

Peekabook is an educational toy that combines beautiful illustrations with new technologies to tell a story in a fun interactive way! It's kind of like a lift-the-flap book on your iPad screen! The explorer ring magically brings the stories and illustrations to life. My kids and I were recently...

Eggsperiment: Make a Bouncy Egg | STEAM Activity for Kids

Grab your kids and an egg (or three), and get ready to blow your kids' minds with this eggsperiment! At the end of this experiment my daughter looked at me and said, "This is the best experiment we have ever done!" We have done 90 experiments over the years for this blog, so those words mean a lot...

Cleaning Pennies | STEAM Activity for Kids

My kids have been collecting change for a few years now. Recently they've been telling me that their pennies look dirty. I told them that I think we can clean them, but not with soap - instead with items from the kitchen! They were excited to try it out. This is another fun and super easy STEAM...

STEAM Experiments

Our STEAM experiments are always simple, easy, and fun! We try to use as few supplies as possible, and they’re usually things you already have around our house! Our goal is to make STEAM experiments accessible to all families, and kids of all ages – from babies to toddlers to preschoolers and beyond! 


Reading to my kids is usually my favorite part of the day. We love to read picture books together, and it is even better when the books have STEAM concepts or themes included. I’m trying to find the best STEAM books for kids and share our reviews of them here on the blog. Read along with us and foster a life long love of reading and learning in your kids with these fun and educational STEAM books.


Playing with toys is an essential part of any childhood. It’s even more beneficial when the toys have a STEAM focus. We’re searching for the best STEAM toys, playing with them, then sharing our reviews here on the blog. Try these awesome toys out with your kids. They will play, learn, and have a blast all at the same time – win, win, win! 

Do you have STEAM for Kids ideas?

Do you know of a super fun and easy STEAM experiment, a great STEAM children’s book or toy, or an awesome children’s museum you’d like me to feature on the blog? I’m always looking for new ideas and I’d love to have your input.


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