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I always knew I wanted to start teaching my kids Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) concepts early in their lives. My husband and I are both engineers, and we were raised in families who supported and encouraged a strong early foundation in STEAM.

I think my family’s enthusiasm for math and science fostered a belief in myself that I could do STEAM. I was brave and signed up for the advanced math and science classes and applied for engineering school in college, even when I was one of the only females in the classes.

I want to give my children the self-confidence they need, so they know that they too can do or be anything they can imagine. I want my kids to enjoy learning about math, science, and technology and become good at these subjects through practice and patience. So, I’m starting to teach them young (I started these experiments when my son was two years old).

We’re doing simple, easy and fun experiments that anyone can do with materials you probably already have at home. We’re also reading and sharing our reviews of STEAM children’s picture books, playing with and reviewing STEAM toys, and visiting and sharing our experiences at children’s science museums. I hope you’ll join us by encouraging your kids to love STEAM too!

Latest STEAM for Kids posts

LEGO Classic | Children’s STEAM Toy Review

Last Friday was National STEM Day. National STEM Day was founded on November 8th, because abbreviated it's NOV8 (innovate). For STEM Day I teamed up with a few other Instagram accounts to share activities from each aspect of STEM. Of course, I was in charge of posting an engineering activity. The...

Lincoln Logs | Children’s STEAM Toy Review

My father-in-law gave my kids a set of Lincoln Logs this summer. I was thrilled for my kids to receive this great gift because Lincoln Logs are an awesome STEAM toy. They teach children about shapes, building, design, construction...the list goes on and on. The logs have square notches to allow...

Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty | Children’s STEAM Book Review

My friend gave my daughter Rosie Revere, Engineer a few years ago because it reminded her of me, and she knew it would be something I'd love for my kids. Since then this book has been in rotation during our daily reading sessions. The Rosie Revere, Engineer book came up during my interview with...

Easy Halloween Slime | STEAM Experiment for Kids

SLIME! Kids love the ooey, gooey, sticky, squishy, mess and moms dislike it for all the same reasons. I'm here to help you start to like slime. Especially when you see your child's face light up with excitement and joy while making and playing with this slime. Slime is the perfect science...

How much STEAM we really do at home everyday

If you've been following the blog for awhile you may think that we are doing crazy STEAM activities everyday here and creating little STEAM geniuses...haha! Here's the truth: I love doing STEAM activities with my kids, and wish I had the time, energy, and creativity to do them everyday, but even...

10 Printable Construction Activities for Kids

I'm always on the look out for new and fun ideas for STEAM activities for my kids and to share here on the blog. I was recently contacted by representatives of Big Rentz to share their recent post on construction activities for kids. It is a really great resource with 10 construction themed...

Make Your Own Oobleck | STEAM Experiment for Kids

Ever since we made Oobleck as part of our Kid Wonder Box, my son has been asking to make it again because he had so much fun with it. Both my kids played with it for hours, pretending to be swamp monsters! This video was from February when we got our Kid Wonder box. I can't believe how much my son...

5 Back to School Children’s STEAM Book Reviews

It's back to school time! Both my kids started school last week. My son is in kindergarten and my daughter is in half-day 2's preschool a few days a week. My kids on their first day of school This week I'm featuring reviews of five great back to school books from Penguin Random House. My kids...

What would you put in your school? | Featuring the STEAM book If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen

My son started kindergarten yesterday! He was excited and happy getting on the bus for his first day in elementary school. When he got home he was beaming and told us all about his great day! Me and my son on his first day of kindergarten I, on the other hand, felt a little lost without my buddy....

Tornado in a Bottle | STEAM Experiment for Kids

In this month's STEAM Experiment for Kids, we're reusing the empty soda bottles from the Soda Geyser Experiment last month to make a tornado in a bottle! As you explain this experiment to your kids, it's a good time to talk to your kids about tornadoes and your tornado safety plan if you live in...

STEAM Experiments

Our STEAM experiments are always simple, easy, and fun! We try to use as few supplies as possible, and they’re usually things you already have around our house! Our goal is to make STEAM experiments accessible to all families, and kids of all ages – from babies to toddlers to preschoolers and beyond! 


Reading to my kids is usually my favorite part of the day. We love to read picture books together, and it is even better when the books have STEAM concepts or themes included. I’m trying to find the best STEAM books for kids and share our reviews of them here on the blog. Read along with us and foster a life long love of reading and learning in your kids with these fun and educational STEAM books.


Playing with toys is an essential part of any childhood. It’s even more beneficial when the toys have a STEAM focus. We’re searching for the best STEAM toys, playing with them, then sharing our reviews here on the blog. Try these awesome toys out with your kids. They will play, learn, and have a blast all at the same time – win, win, win! 

Do you have STEAM for Kids ideas?

Do you know of a super fun and easy STEAM experiment, a great STEAM children's book or toy, or an awesome children's museum you'd like me to feature on the blog? I'm always looking for new ideas and I'd love to have your input.


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