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My kids got a lot more screen time than I’d like to admit this summer. I was looking for ways for them to play on their iPad, but learn at the same time. When we were gifted the Osmo Coding Starter Kit I knew it would be the perfect end of summer vacation activity for my kids. It’s an educational activity that is also a fun and interactive game on the iPad. I like that my kids play with the coding pieces on the table and are not just working directly on the iPad the whole time they play.


Osmo provides a unique play experience that fuses digital and physical play. My kids were playing and interacting with their device in a way they never have before.

To play the games you are required to have a compatible iPad or Fire tablet, which is not included with the Coding Starter Kit. The Osmo Coding Starter Kit includes an Osmo base, 3 hands-on coding games (downloadable in the App Store), 31 coding blocks with a storage box, 100+ coding puzzles, and 300+ musical sounds.

Unboxing was so fun for my kids! They were so excited to see the coding pieces in the reusable storage container

There are many levels within each game, which makes it great for all kids from the novice to more advanced coders. I like how this will grow with my kids and they will be able to continue to play with this for years as they grow their coding skills.

This Osmo Coding Starter Kit introduces kids to basic coding concepts in the Coding Awbie game. Kids will build problem solving and logic skills while learning the basics of coding. They collect strawberries as they advance through different levels and environments.

The Coding Awbie game

In the Coding Jam game kids get to combine the coding with creative thinking to create music. They learn about coding patterns and loops to help compose the music. They can choose the perfect character to play their music, using the 300 available sounds.

The Coding Jam game

In the Coding Duo game kids get to test more advanced coding skills in a face-off against a friend, parent, or themselves. These levels are more challenging than those in the Coding Awbie game, and there are two characters working to complete the challenge.

The Coding Duo game


I was very impressed with the Osmo Coding Starter Kit. I was worried my kids weren’t ready for this yet, since they aren’t too familiar with coding and my son is at the bottom of the recommended age range (it’s recommended for kids age 5-10 years old). However, my worries were all for naught when my kids ended up doing great and really enjoying our new game!

We started with the Coding Awbie game because this is the beginner game and introduces you how to use the coding blocks and Osmo app. The game started with several practice challenges before moving into the actual game. It was a great way for us to get familiar with the coding blocks and how they work and move the characters. My son picked it up quickly and wanted to get started with the game right away!

He had so much fun playing and didn’t want to stop on our first day playing. Once he got the hang of how to do the code, he was breezing through the levels. He liked checking on his garden and seeing what he could buy with all the strawberries he collected in each level.

My 3 year old daughter is not ready for the coding puzzles but she loved watching her brother play and also playing with the coding blocks. I think it’s still great for her to get exposure to coding by watching her brother, and learning some commands by playing with the blocks.

The Coding Jam game was fun for both my kids. They loved selecting their own characters, and making them jam out to different sounds and beats. They were competing to see who could create the coolest songs.

My daughter is a little young for understanding the coding concepts, but she was able to touch the instruments onscreen to make the sounds and patterns, and she really enjoyed making her own music this way! My son was able to use the coding blocks to make his characters play the music. It was fun to watch and listen to him create and play!

The Coding Duo was so cool! It has two characters moving through the levels simultaneously, so it can be a single player or two person game. We coded two competing characters to see who could get to the finish of each level the quickest.

My son and I had fun playing with this against each other. The coding was more challenging and my son needed my help more than on the previous two games, but he really enjoyed this game and the added competition factor.


  • Technology: Kids are building problem solving and logic skills along with the basic concepts of coding. Our world is becoming increasingly more digital, and this is a great way to give your kids a head start to learning coding which will be vital skill for all STEAM jobs in the future.
  • Art: The Coding Jam game is all about composing music. You create different musical sounds based on your code. My kids loved tapping into their creative side to make interesting rhythms and sounds.
  • Math: There are many math opportunities throughout this game. There is a lot of counting, for example you count how many steps in each direction the character needs to move to reach a goal, and use this number on your coding blocks.

We had a blast with the Osmo Coding Starter Kit. This is the new favorite iPad game at my house and I couldn’t be happier about it. My kids consider this another fun iPad game, but in I know they are learning important skills that will serve them well in the future. I know this is a game that we will continue to use and play with for years to come.

Have you tried any of the Osmo kits yet? Which is your favorite?

If you are interested in giving the Osmo Coding Starter Kit a try, you can purchase it from Amazon using my affiliate link below.


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