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My son is really into learning about fossils and paleontology right now. His interest in the topic was sparked by our latest issue of Lil’ Smore magazine, and we have been doing fossil-themed activities all week inspired by the magazine.

My husband and I like to encourage our kids’ curiosity when they find something that they are interested in. So when we noticed our son’s budding interest in fossils and paleontology my husband ordered him a fossil kit on Amazon


We bought the Dancing Bear Fossil Collection Kit, and are so impressed with it! It comes with 12 real fossils with identification cards, a small magnifying glass, a book with details on all the fossils, and a large geological timeline with all the fossils in the kit placed on the timeline. 

The fossil kit includes shark teeth, a real dinosaur bone, gastropod, trilobite, turtle poop(!), and more. My kids are thrilled with the fossils included. There is a variety of types of fossils and so much to learn. We have been reading the identification cards and the book to learn more about all our fossils. 


My son was so excited when we gave him this kit! I think it made his whole month! He has been carefully studying, cleaning, and taking notes on each fossil in the kit. He set up a fossil workstation in his room, and keeps his collection there. 

I am excited that the kit has made him want to take notes about his fossils. This is great because he’s practicing his reading and writing skills over the summer without me having to force him to do it. 

He and my daughter really love the shark teeth. It came with approximately 5 shark teeth, so there was enough for them both to share and have a few each. They were amazed to find out that sharks have been around since dinosaur times. 

The fossilized turtle poop was a thrill for my kids to find in the kit! They were scared to touch it at first, but they quickly learned it was fossilized and safe to touch. They have enjoyed examining and learning about it, but they mostly prefer to look at it inside the bag. 😉


  • Science: This fossil kit comes with real fossils, detailed information and geological time periods for each one. Your curious kids will learn about 12 different fossils from various prehistoric times. 

If you’re interested in getting this great fossil kit for your kids, I’ve included the link to it here. We were really impressed with the quality and what you get for the price in this kit. This kit is perfect for any dinosaur and fossil loving future paleontologist.



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