How’s your summer going? Mine has already been extremely hectic, but also very fun, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. This is a very busy summer for me both personally and professionally. Personally, we have several family vacations planned as well as some family coming to visit us. Professionally, I’ve been doing a lot of travel for trainings and meetings recently and have a big deliverable by the end of the summer.

All these factors combined have left me with little to no time to work on my blog. I have really enjoyed working on the blog and sharing stories with you over the past six months. I’m planning to take a break for the summer, with only a few posts here and there when I can find the time. In the fall, I plan to return to blogging several times a week and I will have lots of great new content to share with you.

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing summer and be sure to keep checking back to the blog, I promise I won’t be gone for long!


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