I’ve been proud to partner with Pitsco Education for product reviews and posts for the past few years. I’ve shared about their 3Doodler Start, Code Cube, and STEM Explorer Pack in previous posts.

This year Pitsco is celebrating their 50th Anniversary! They have been sharing STEM at home kits and STEM education supplies and curriculum for parents and teachers for decades. They are passionate about sharing their quality education products to see students succeed in STEM.

Now I’ve partnered with them to celebrate the release of their annual Big Book Catalog and a giveaway!

The 2021 Big Book Catalog is a great way to check out all the products Pitsco has to offer. Even though I’ve been following Pitsco for a few years and thought I was familiar with all their products, I was surprised to find out just how many products from a wide range of STEM subjects they have to offer!

My kids and I had fun looking through the catalog and daydreaming about kits we’d like to try in the future.

This catalog is great for educators, parents and any STEM enthusiast. It gave me so many ideas of projects I’d like to try with my kids at home. Below is the link for you to download a digital copy of the catalog or request a print copy: https://aux.pitsco.com/Forms/CatalogRequests.aspx

My son went through the catalog and circled everything he was interested in!

Pitsco is also doing a giveaway for five $50 Pitsco Vouchers! It is only being promoted by a few collaborators, including me, so you have a great chance of winning this exclusive drawing! Below is the link to enter the drawing for one of the five $50 Pitsco vouchers: https://offers.pitsco.com/big-book-2021-giveaway

What are you waiting for? Go enter the giveaway and download your catalog so you can daydream about what you would buy for your class or children with the $50 voucher!

Pitsco gave us a few of their new “Try This” kits to try at home. We got the Catapults Kit, Straw Structure Kit, and Gravity Racer Kit.

What I like about the “Try This” kits is they are a great price point (only $2.25), and include all the materials and easy to follow instructions to do some simple and fun STEM activities at home.

These are the kind of activities I love to do with my kids. They are quick, easy to assemble and fun to play with. Sometimes I don’t have all the materials needed or I’m not sure how to exactly to make something. These kits make it so easy and affordable to do these fun STEM activities at home! I highly recommend checking them out.

Are you going to request the catalog and enter the giveaway? Which “Try This” kit do you think your kids or students would love?


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