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My friend gave my daughter Rosie Revere, Engineer a few years ago because it reminded her of me, and she knew it would be something I’d love for my kids. Since then this book has been in rotation during our daily reading sessions.

The Rosie Revere, Engineer book came up during my interview with Engineering Heroes Podcast, as the hosts were saying their daughters loved the book. It made me realize that although we have the book and love to read it at home, I hadn’t shared the book with my audience yet, so now’s the time!

Rosie Revere, Engineer is thoughtfully written by Andrea Beaty and beautifully illustrated by David Roberts. This isn’t a new Children’s STEAM book, in fact it was published 6 years ago in 2013. But I’m sharing this today because it is still very relevant, and reading this book is a great way to introduce kids (especially girls) to engineering, and help encourage children who have already shown interest in engineering.

It is easy to love sweet, shy Rosie. She is ambitious, dedicated, and passionate about creating solutions to family member’s problems through engineering. But when a family member laughs at her invention, she becomes self-conscious and withdrawn.

When her spunky great-great-aunt (who previously built airplanes) comes to visit, Rosie regains her self confidence and begins to engineer again. She wants to help her great-great-aunt fly.

Her first attempt, a cheese-copter, briefly flies before it crashes. Rosie is heartbroken, but her great-great-aunt encourages her to keep working. She explains to Rosie that there is success in failures, and we can learn from them and use them to build something greater.

Her aunt taught her to never quit, and together they try again. It is a sweet story of following your passions, overcoming self-doubt and coming out of your shell, learning from our failures, and never giving up.

My kids enjoy reading this book with me, and I hope your kids will too! I recently found out that the author is writing a chapter book series, called The Questioneers about Rosie Revere and her friends. If your child is old enough to read chapter books, it sounds like a great new series to check out!

You can purchase Rosie Revere, Engineer on Amazon or find it at your local library. Guess what?! I am doing a GIVEAWAY of this book and an outfit from My-Tee Girls on Instagram next week! Make sure you’re following me so you don’t miss it!


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