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My son is going to kindergarten in less than two months! Since he is my first child, it is a big deal for us. We are both excited, anxious, and maybe a little nervous. 😉

When we were offered a copy of The King of Kindergarten from Penguin Random House to review, I thought this would be a great book for us to read as he prepares this summer to start kindergarten in the fall. The quote on the back of the book convinced me this would be the perfect book for us, it says: “It’s time to start kindergarten, and you know what, kid? You got this! It’s your time to shine and be the King of Kindergarten!”

The King of Kindergarten is written by Derrick Barnes and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. The book follows a little boy on his first day of kindergarten. His mom tells him he will be King of Kindergarten and this gives him the confidence he needs to have a royally amazing day! 🙂

Our kids feed off of our energy, so I love how the mom is confident her son will do well in school and declares him the King of Kindergarten! Similar to the mom in the book, I have been trying to exude lots of confidence and joy about my son starting kindergarten to help encourage him.

This book doesn’t speak to STEAM concepts specifically, but I am tying it in to my STEAM theme here on the blog by focusing on the hero’s attitude in the book. He is confident, kind, a good friend, eager to learn, and loving to his family. These are great characteristics and qualities of any human being, and also important to learn to have success in STEM careers.

STEM careers require teamwork, great communication skills to get your ideas presented and approved, confidence to try something new and in your abilities and work, always learning to keep up with the latest technology, and treating coworkers with kindness and respect.

The King of Kindergarten sets a great example of behaviors I want my son (and daughter) to exemplify throughout their lives.

Both my son and my 2.5 year old daughter daughter (who is convinced she is going to kindergarten this fall too) loved this book. In fact, my daughter is going through a memorization phase with books (where she asks me to read them over, and over, and over until she memorizes all the words) has picked this book as her latest memorization challenge – and I don’t mind at all!

My son has been enjoying reading this book with me. I like to think he is picturing himself as the King of Kindergarten as we read. I watch his face as he is soaking all the images and words in this beautifully written and illustrated book, and I can see his imagination and curiosity blooming. I know he is picturing what his first day of kindergarten will be like and how he will act on his first day meeting his teacher and classmates.

My son says he is most excited to ride the bus on his first day of school!

I hope The King of Kindergarten inspires him to be confident on his first day, to make friends, to be kind to his classmates. I also loved how the book’s hero enjoyed learning and was excited to come home and tell his parents all about his day at school. I hope my son is excited to come home and tell me all about his day. I want to hear every.single.detail about his day (if only he’d tell it all to me)!

Me and my King of Kindergarten!

If your child has already graduated from kindergarten, who was more nervous on the first day, them or you? I think it’s me, but I sure am proud of my bright kid and I’m confident he will shine as the king of his kindergarten class.

Would you get The King of Kindergarten for your child or someone you know going into kindergarten? You can buy it on Amazon with my link here and links throughout the post. Are there any other books about going into kindergarten you would recommend to us?


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