Today’s STEAM Activity is making weeble wobbles. This is yet another great use for the plastic Easter eggs we have lying around, and we had another opportunity to use our homemade play-dough too!

These are super easy to make and are lots of fun to play with!


  • Plastic egg
  • Play dough 
  • Weeble Wooble face decorations such as: permanent marker, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, stickers, etc…
  • Tape (optional – to seal it closed)


  1. Draw a face on the top half of the egg. If using googly eyes I recommend and adult attaching them with a hot glue gun. To make the antenna we pushed craft pipe cleaner through the holes in the top of the egg.
  2. Fill the bottom half of the egg with play dough (we used the homemade play-dough that we made a few weeks ago)
    • Note: If there are small holes on the bottom of your egg, you may notice small pieces of play-dough coming out through the holes. If this becomes a problem, put tape over the holes before putting the play-dough in the egg. 
  3. Close the egg tightly (you can also seal the egg closed with tape so it doesn’t pop open when your kids play with it)
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

4. Try to push the weeble wobble down. You will notice that it will not fall down! They tip over then stand right back up like magic! My kids threw them, spun them, knocked them around, and they always stood back up!


  • Engineering: the bottom half of the egg is filled with play dough, so it has a much higher density than the top half. This causes the center of mass to be very low. When it’s pushed over, the center of mass is on the other side of the pivot point (where it is touching the ground), and gravity then returns the weeble wobble to its original upright position. 
  • Art: get creative when decorating your weeble wobble. Let your kids use their imaginations to create fun faces and designs!

We loved creating and playing with our weeble wobble eggs! This was so much fun and I hope you try it with your kids too!


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