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Today we’re sharing a woman-founded STEM online shop and the awesome STEM toy they gifted us!

The STEM Kidz sells awesome, fun and educational STEM toys. Their website is pretty cool, you can search by age or interest to find the perfect toy for your kids. 

I was looking for a toy that would appeal to both my 3 year old daughter and my almost 6 year old son. The Magna-Qubix perfectly fit the bill! 

My kids couldn’t wait to play with this set

We opened this toy up and both my kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on the pieces and start building. This magnetic set is unique because it has 3D building shapes. Other magnetic sets we’ve tried only have 2D shapes, which ultimately limit what you can build. With the 3D shapes we can now build things (like animals, a city, a roller coaster), instead of just the structures that we were building with our 2D magnets. 

My kids had a blast building a bird that was on the box, then I helped my daughter build a giraffe just by using the shapes she had and her imagination. I was impressed by what my kids created. This is a toy I know they will use frequently this summer. 

My daughter with her two birds, giraffe, and mountains

If you’re wondering, “where’s the STEAM?” Here are the STEAM CONCEPTS LEARNED when using this toy:

  • Science: Play and learn about animals as you build them with this set. 
  • Engineering: 3D building, spacial, and visualization practice. 
  • Art: Colors practice (these blocks come in vibrant orange, green, blue, yellow). This toy encourages free play and use of kids’ imaginations.
  • Math: you can count blocks as you build with them. The blocks are 3D square, rectangle, triangle, pyramid, and hexagon, so it is good shape practice. 
Here my kids are building cities

I recommend checking out The STEM Kidz website for your kids. It was literally like shopping my dream toy store. Also, each item has a personal review by the founder, Kiki, who explains why she recommends the product. 

My kids loved the Magna-Qubix, and I would recommend this to parents of kids age 3+ as a great building toy (I think it’s almost like a combo of our 2D magnetic tiles and Legos). 

My daughter said this was a sunset with mountains and a sun on top

Do you have the Magna-Qubix yet? You can purchase on the The Stem Kidz website or using my Amazon Affiliate link below.


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