Women in Engineering Interview Series

The Women in Engineering Interview Series features interviews with women engineers in all phases of their careers. From newly-graduated engineers to mid-career working moms – these interviews are designed to help tell each woman’s story. Interview topics include how and when they decided to become an engineer, engineering school and internships, career path, engineering successes and challenges, work/life balance, and advice.

These stories bring encouragement to moms who are engineers – there are days when it’s so hard to balance career and family. These stories show we are not alone in our struggles – we are all in this together, doing the best we can, and we are enough.

The interviews are also meant to inspire the next generation of girls to want to be engineers. Engineering is a rewarding and lucrative career path for women with lots of unique opportunities as described in the interviews below.

EE: What has been your best experience as an engineer?

FD: Owning my software company. Nothing can replace the confidence and pride I have gained from being the responsible party in charge. It’s always nice to have someone above you to make the final call on a decision. However my work standard, my diligence, my creativity, and my overall effort are so much higher when the final decision for everything we do rests with me.

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Software company owner

EE: Do you have a family? How do you balance career and family?

APC: Yes, I do have a family. It is very hard to balance everything, but somehow it seems to be working out. I workout early in the morning, then get things ready for the day and my husband usually takes the kids to school/day care, I go to work until 4:30pm, pick-up the kids, and make dinner. If they have activities my husband usually takes them while I clean the house. I usually take a few hours on the weekends to cook for the week and sometimes hire a person to come and clean the house. My mom is now living with me (for the last few months) and she does most of the house work which is amazing!!! In summary, having a family and a career is hard work, is actually the hardest thing I have ever done, but is worth it. Wouldn’t change a bit of it. 

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Chemical Engineer

EE: What advice do you have for someone interested in engineering/working moms?

PD: Engineering is one of the best degrees for a woman. Times are changing and encouraging and supportive of women. I have never regretted my decision and am so grateful for the independence and freedom it has provided for me.

You absolutely do not have to be a genius to go into the engineering field. It takes hard work and commitment  – and those life skills you learn in college as a student will serve you for the rest of your life.

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Engineering and Scientific Consulting

EE: What has been your career path from graduation up to today?

REM: I have been fortunate to have full-time employment since graduation. I have been with my company for almost 9 years and am a stockholder. I began in the Estimating department and have had the opportunity to work on projects as a structures field engineer, environmental manager, quality control manager, procurement manager, and civil superintendent.

Read the full interview here Rita

Civil Engineer

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