I’m always on the look out for new and fun ideas for STEAM activities for my kids and to share here on the blog. I was recently contacted by representatives of Big Rentz to share their recent post on construction activities for kids.

It is a really great resource with 10 construction themed activities that are simple to do at home with your kids. Each activity includes a free printable, so you can print helpful information to go with each activity.

Below is an intro from Big Rentz, and a link to the full post.

Even from early development stages, kids learn to grasp objects and build their own creations. As they grow, this knack for building can blossom into an interest in math, science, and even design. 

Construction play is one way to expose kids to unique experiments and projects that may spark a future in STEAM careers. STEAM learning teaches kids a variety of problem-solving skills as they test out different methods and try to solve different challenges. Kids can also engage their creativity and imagination to build their future dream home or plan an entire futuristic city. 

For some hands-on play time, check out these printable construction activities for kids. These activities are fit for preschoolers through fifth grade and include everything from building shapes out of marshmallows to constructing bridges out of spaghetti. 

Younger kids can practice fine motor skills but cutting out shapes and sorting nuts and bolts. For those obsessed with LEGOs, there is even a building challenge for kids to construct their own creations. 

If you’re looking for a group play idea, try out the neighborhood planning project. Kids can work together to design their own houses, roads, and buildings to create their very own neighborhood. 

Construction play can open up opportunities to develop critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity in young minds. You may even discover that you have a future architect or engineer in your home. When you’re building your own future, the possibilities are endless!

What do you think? Are you going to give some of these activities a try? I know we will, and I may even incorporate a few of them into future STEAM for Kids experiments here.


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