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Kid Wonder is a monthly educational craft and activity box that often features STEAM themes. It is designed for children age 3-6, which is perfect for my two kids, who are 2 and 4.

The boxes feature a new theme every month, and I like how Kid Wonder lets you know in advance all the themes for the whole year (see below for a list of all themes this year)!

I found out about Kid Wonder in January, and I saw their February box was called Mad Scientist. I knew if we were ever going to try Kid Wonder, February was the month to try it since we love all things STEAM at my house!

I’ve only tried one other activity subscription box, KiwiCo, so I was expecting something similar: around 3 simple and cute activities that my kids and I would do together.

It is priced a bit higher than the KiwiCo Crates ($29.95/mo vs. $19.95/mo), so I was wondering if we would get more for the higher price and if it is worth paying as much as $10 more.

I can honestly say our Kid Wonder box exceeded all my expectations. I was very impressed with the materials, quality, and quantity of activities included.

I also have to admit that at the time of this review we have only tried one box, the Mad Scientist box. Since I focus on STEAM activities for my kids, I couldn’t have loved this theme more.

I am looking forward to the April box, Junior Zookeeper, because my kids both love animals and visiting the zoo. I think they will love it! I am bummed that the January box, Junior Chef, is sold out because I think my kids would have loved that box too.

I think this is a subscription box I’d prefer to order month to month, picking and choosing boxes I think my kids would enjoy (although most of them sound pretty awesome!), since they let you know the themes in advance. Although when you choose a longer subscription you save more on the overall price, and you can chose to skip boxes you aren’t interested in.

They do also have a sibling add on option to get a sibling kit for only $10 more a month. I made my kids share on box, especially because my daughter is still too young to fully participate, but in the next year or two we may start to take advantage of ordering the sibling kit too.

Now on to the review of our Mad Scientist Kid Wonder Box! The Mad Scientist box came with 3 activity cards (Let’s Explore Earth Science, Let’s Explore Physics, and Let’s Explore Chemistry), each with 4 or 5 different experiments all included with supplies in the box. In addition there are more activity suggestions and related information available online.

My son writing his name on the Lab Journal

My personal favorite thing about the box was the lab journal with the dry erase crayon. They really thought of everything to provide not just a regular crayon, but a dry erase crayon! On one of the activities, my son wanted to change his answer, but thought he couldn’t because he already circled it. I told him, “no problem, the crayon erases!” and just like that he erased his answer and circled a different one! Genius!

The lab journal contained instructions for many of the experiments, and also a few additional learning activities. We enjoyed completing all the activities in the lab journal together.

The lab journal walked us through the scientific method: make a hypothesis, experiment, record results, and make a conclusion. We did this with every experiment, and my son enjoyed it! There were additional activities in the instruction book that we completed as we read the background and instructions.

Since so many activities were included we were really able to spread the activities in the box out over the whole month. This meant we sat down together for an hour max (but usually less) at a time and worked on one or two of the activities, and that was perfect for us.

In Activity 1: Let’s Explore Earth Science, we got to make a model of the Earth using playdough. This was so much fun for both my kids. They really love play dough, and this gave us an organized and focused way to play with it.

After assembling the Earth with all it’s layers, we cut the Earth to reveal all the layers. It was such a fun and rewarding reveal!

My kids continued to play with the playdough and kid friendly knife long after the initial activity was done. They stored the playdough in the bag and have continued to play with it (now a dark green color with all the layers mixed to one color) all month long.

In Activity 2: Let’s Explore Physics, we learned about magnets, found out if objects sink or float, and built a marble maze. This activity was better for the ages recommended, so my two year old daughter didn’t participate in most of it due to the small parts and long attention span needed to complete these experiments.

My son and I really enjoyed working on all of these experiments together. The magnetism experiment taught my son about polarity on the magnets and about how to determine if items are magnetic or not, using the scientific method.

The sink and float experiment was fun for my daughter to watch too. My son was excited to see if his hypothesis of which items would sink or float was correct. After the experiment he recorded the results in his lab journal.

Building the maze was both challenging and rewarding for my son.

After initially being unsure of how to start, I encouraged him to try a few ideas to see what happens. Eventually he was inspired and came up with a great maze, all by himself! I was very proud, and he has been having fun running the ball around his maze all month.

His final maze has even more obstacles than pictured here! He built a fun maze!

In Activity 3: Let’s Explore Chemistry, we got to see a penny oxidize to blue, have fun with baking soda and vinegar reactions, and play with Oobleck!

The penny experiment was cool, we soaked it in vinegar and checked on it at timed intervals, which was fun for my son. I even let him set the timers. He enjoyed going back to check on the penny to see how it was changing.

Then we got to clean the blue off the penny by soaking it in salt and vinegar. It was the same process, but in reverse, and we had another day of fun checking the penny every few hours.

As you probably know by now from this blog, my kids and I LOVE baking soda and vinegar reactions. So we had a lot of fun with the reaction in this kit! Both kids loved the way the bubbles overflowed out of the flask in vibrant colors.

And last but not least, was probably our favorite experiment: the Oobleck.

Don’t be afraid to get messy with your kids! The clean up wasn’t too bad. 😉

This is just (colored) cornstarch and water, but it is endless fun. We played with the Oobleck for over an hour. We all giggled, made messes, pretended to be swamp monsters, just a typical Tuesday morning. 😉 Best of all the clean up was easy. This wiped up quick, and washed off the hands easily.

Overall, I have to say we all absolutely loved the Mad Scientist kit. I am looking forward to trying another Kid Wonder box in a month or two, and I am really hoping we love it just as much.

After completing this kit, my son has started to apply the scientific method in everyday life. He went fishing with my husband and they turned it into an experiment by going through the scientific method to determine which bait the catfish preferred.

Have you tried Kid Wonder yet, or will you be trying it soon after reading this review? Let me know in the comments below!


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