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This is a an awesome snow day activity for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! We collected a jar of snow outside and brought it inside for my toddler to explore using her five senses. Learning using the five senses is one of my favorite ways to introduce young kids to STEM.

I let my toddler touch the snow and look at it with a magnifying glass (like my big kids did to learn about snowflakes). While she explored and played with the snow, I asked her lots of questions to help her understand snow because it’s new to her. Most of my questions encouraged her to use her five senses to explore the snow. 

Check out the Instagram reel we made about her playing with the snow, then keep reading below to for examples of questions to ask your young child about the snow.



  1. Collect a jar full of snow from outside.
  2. Bring the snow inside and place on a table or open space for your child to observe it.
  1. First, have your child look at the snow with their eyes (or magnifying glass if you have one – I recommend this one). Ask: what does it look like? What shapes do you see? Are the snowflakes bigger or smaller than your fingers? What color is the snow? Do you see patterns in the snowflakes? Do you see anything else mixed in with the snow?
  1. Next, have your child touch the snow with their hands. Ask: What does the snow feel like? Is it hot or cold? Is the snow wet or dry? Is the snow soft or hard? Is the snow breakable with your fingers?
  1. If your snow is clean, have your child taste some snow. Ask: What does the snow taste like? Is it cold or hot on your tongue? Do you like the taste of snow?
  2. Have your child smell the snow. Ask: What does the snow smell like? (It’s ok if it doesn’t have a smell!)
  3. Now, have your child listen to the snow. Ask: What does snow sound like? Crunch some snow with your fingers and ask what that sounds like. Walk around outside in the snow and ask your child to listen to the sound of snow under their feet. Can they hear the snow falling outside?
My daughters hearing the crunch of a snowball between their hands
  1. Lastly, ask your child what is their favorite thing about the snow?

*For questions my daughter didn’t know how to answer or didn’t understand I tried to explain the answers to her in a way she could understand. She has so much fun with this activity playing with snow inside and learning too. 

STEAM Concepts Learned:

Your child is learning about the physical properties of snow using their five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. The five senses are a great way for kids to learn about their own bodies and how they relate to the world around them.

I have detailed posts about each of the five senses for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. They are some of the most popular posts on my site and are very informative and fun! I highly suggest checking them out to learn more about each sense. I will link each post below.

Has your toddler explored with snow yet? How did you teach your toddler about snow?

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