On a normal shopping trip to Target or the Gap, it is extremely rare to find STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) themed clothes for either of my kids, and especially for my daughter. But recently, I have found some really awesome STEAM clothes for girls online, and I’m so excited about it!

There are several companies, mainly run by women who are moms, making some really cute, great quality, and smart clothes for girls. And I am here for it!

I know I am their target customer: I am an engineer, mom to a young daughter, and I promote STEAM education for children. They hit their mark with me because I want all their clothes!

I wanted to share some of these awesome companies with you because I love their products, and I am so glad that our girls can wear fun, twirly, girly clothes, that are also STEAM themed.

By having my daughter wear STEAM themed clothing, I hope that I am subliminally telling her (and her friends) that these subjects are fun, cool, interesting, and for girls!

Dance on Mars – This brand was started by a mom who wanted her daughters to be greeted for wearing clothes that don’t just make them look pretty – but make them feel smart and confident too. She’s created some beautiful dresses with awesome patterns. There is a Shark Dress, which we were gifted and we love, and an Outer Space Dress, which I know my astronaut loving daughter would love too, so I will be ordering it soon. 😉

The Shark Dress is extremely well made. I love how my daughter can wear sharks and also be dressy. My daughter loves this dress so much that she requested to wear it for her spring preschool pictures! It is 100% cotton, lined, and has pleats, so it twirls great (which is important to my daughter), and washes well (which is important to me).

Posing for school pictures in her shark dress! <3

When the shark dress arrived in the mail and I pulled it out of the bag to show my kids, my son told me, “I thought that was for me, until I saw it was a dress.” And that right there is why Dance on Mars exists. To make clothes that girls want to wear but are only currently being made for boys. We love it!

Dance on Mars also has a blog that I have been enjoying reading lately. She has some great articles for girl moms and how to bridge the gender gap. Here is a link to the Dance on Mars blog.

Princess Awesome – Founded by two moms, Rebecca and Eva, whose daughter wanted dresses with robots and trucks, so they decided to make them. The brand has become a huge success. We have three dresses from Princess Awesome: the “Fleur-de-Lift-Off” Rockets Twirly Play Dress, the “I Spy Pi” Math Short Sleeve Super Twirler Dress (which I won from a giveaway they did on Instagram – cue my happy dance!), and our absolute favorite, the Solar System Busy Dress – this dress is just stunning.

Princess Awesome was the first brand I discovered with STEAM clothes for girls and I became a little obsessed. Since we now have 3 of their dresses, I can vouch that these are great quality dresses. My daughter keeps up with her big brother on the playgrounds, and is the messiest eater I know, so if they can withstand her wear and tear, I know they are good dresses.

Girls can wear math dresses and get their face painted like Batman!

My daughter loves twirling in these dresses and her favorite part: the pockets! She thinks the pockets are awesome – she stores rocks and other knick knacks she’s trying to hide from her brother in them. The hard part for me is remembering to check the pockets before I wash the dresses!

I love my sweet, smart, beautiful girl! <3

Annie the Brave – This clothing line was started by a mom, Chelsea, who’s daughter wanted a dress with scientists on it. She is launching next month with a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve been following her on Instagram for awhile now, and I’m very excited order one of her dresses for my brave little girl once they launch. All three dresses on preview on their site look so cute. I love the adorable illustrations of sea animals, scientists, and astronauts.

Smarty Girl – Founded by a mom, Emilee, whose mission is “to empower young girls to pursue what makes them unique through clever clothing that encourages curiosity.” This mission is admirable, and it seems like she is off to a successful start – I’m loving following this brand on Instagram.

Smarty Girl sells leggings in with adorable STEAM themed illustrations. I have been eyeing their astronaut leggings for awhile for my daughter, and I think it’s finally time for me to put in my order. 🙂

Svaha – Founded by two moms who wanted more diverse, inclusive, and STEM themed clothing options for their kids. I’ve recently (as in yesterday) rediscovered Svaha. They sell STEAM themed clothes for women, girls, and boys! Yay, now I can dress my whole family in matching STEAM clothes, hahaha. 🙂

I can’t wait to watch all the brands I’ve listed above grow and I’ll continue to support them.

Harry Potter clothes? Yes, please! This is the A in STEAM. Literature is in the “Arts” category, and Harry Potter is children’s literature at it’s finest.

My daughter’s teachers recently told me that they loved her clothing. They said she always has the cutest, most unique dresses, and they loved how she is often in math, sharks, or Harry Potter (I found that at Target) dresses. I am very proud that she is wearing smart clothes that are still pretty and girly. Even her teachers are taking note!

I get so many compliments on my daughter’s galaxy jacket. Truth be told, it’s a hand-me-down from her brother. It’s a boy’s jacket from the Gap, but works well for girls too!

While I’m talking about kid’s clothes, I have to say that I want to see more STEAM clothes for boys too! Many of these companies say they found these themes in the boys clothes section but not in the girls. I agree that is mostly true for things like sharks, dinosaurs, airplanes, robots, and space.

But I’d be happy to see a lot more of the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math themes that we are now seeing in specialty brands for girls being made for boys too. I want to see Pi shirts, scientist shirts, shirts with elements, more robots, computers, and artist shirts for boys too.

Is she a bug from outer space or just a cute little girl? Look at brother in his Star Wars shirt and lightning pants. I dress them “matching” whenever possible! 🙂

For Pi day I was excited to dress my daughter in her Pi dress from Princess Awesome. I had a math shirt to wear too – it was my “lucky math shirt.” I wore this shirt for all my college math exams (I am convinced it gave me the confidence I needed to do well on those exams), and it was given to me by mom from her college days.

But I soon realized I didn’t have any math shirt for my son to wear. I was a little disappointed that he couldn’t dress up with us and show off how much he loves math, so I’ll be looking around for some math shirts for him too (I think I spied a Pi shirt on the Svaha site, that I may be ordering for my son soon).

My daughter and I in our math outfits for Pi day, but I wish I had a math shirt for my son so he could shared in the Pi Day photo shoot with us too!

Do you know of any other companies making cool STEAM clothes for girls or boys? Have you purchased clothes from any of the brands I listed above? Let me know in the comments!


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