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Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is Don’t Call Me Bear! by Aaron Blabey. 

Aaron Blabey is a popular children’s book author from Australia. He also writes the Pig the Pug book series (my kids love these books too), among other popular books. I highly recommend checking his work out. All of his books are funny and smart! This book, about a koala who is tired of being called a bear, is no exception.


Don’t Call Me Bear! is about a koala named Warren who wants everyone to know koalas are not bears. He explains that koalas are marsupials. They live in Australia which doesn’t have any bears. You are introduced to other Australian animals and also real bears and where they are from. This book is educational, but it is done in a humorous way. 


My kids and I love this book! We laugh out loud when Warren gets angry while explaining he isn’t a bear. We learned about marsupials, and my kids love to identify the real bears he shows throughout the world. I have fun reading the book and my kids have fun listening and enjoying the perfect illustrations – Warren’s face conveys all his emotions!


  • Science: This book introduces kids to the marsupials group of animals. It also tells you where you can find bears, and shows animals that are unique to Australia. 
  • Art: The illustrations in this book show kids how a face can convey emotions. The koala’s facial expressions let you know exactly what he is feeling. 

Last school year, when my son was starting kindergarten, I decided to be a volunteer at his elementary school library. It was a great opportunity to get to know the school, teachers, and other moms. 

Since I love STEAM children’s books, it was also a great opportunity to find many new books to introduce to my kids at home. The library volunteers also worked the book fair. We got a discount on books, so during the book fair I stocked up on STEAM books for my kids! This book was another great Scholastic book fair find.

Have you read this book yet? Are you a fan of Aaron Blakey’s books? What is your favorite book fair find?

If you’re interested in purchasing this book for your kids, here is the link to find it on Amazon.


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