In March I interviewed Christy, who runs the blog From Engineer to SAHM, for my Women in Engineering Interview Series. After the interview she asked me if I wanted to write a guest post for her about preschool math. I love to subtly teach my son math everyday, so writing this post was as easy as writing down how I include math in our daily lives.

One new thing we’ve added recently that didn’t make it into the post is counting in Spanish. My son’s preschool is beginning to teach him Spanish, and one day he came home and proudly told me he could count to ten in Spanish. Since he’s been doing so well counting in English, I’ve been trying to encourage him to count in Spanish more often.

For example, we’ve started growing a vegetable garden in our backyard this year. The cherry tomato plants are doing really well, so every time we go outside to check on the garden there are always ripe tomatoes to pick. Since there are usually less than 10 ripe tomatoes at a time, I will ask my son to count how many tomatoes he picked in Spanish. He has been doing very well with this and thinks it’s fun. 🙂

You can actually read his lips saying “dos” tomatoes in this picture!

If you want to read more tips about everyday math activities to do with your toddlers and preschoolers, please click through the link below to check out the Guest Post I wrote for From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom about 9 Easy Preschool Math Activities you can do Everyday. 🙂


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