“You dressed yourself that day.” My mom said after I showed her one of my favorite pictures of myself as a child. I’m 3 years old sitting at my big sister’s bus stop dressed in a red Hawaiian floral dress, black tights, white dress shoes, and a lacey pink headband. I am completely confident and happy in my beautiful outfit.

My favorite outfit as a 3-year-old

I’ve always had a strong, unique, and consistent fashion sense. I still love brightly colored clothing and tights, I mix patterns, I like fun headbands, and I always have fun shoes. When I was working as an engineer I would regularly wear bright dresses, tights, and fancy shoes to work. It made me feel pretty, confident, and special to wear clothes that made me smile to work everyday. 

This picture was taken of me at work when I was a reservoir engineer – yes, I wore this outfit to work as an engineer and I loved it. 🙂

Now I’m a stay-at-home mom to two fun kids and my days mostly consist of playing with the kids, exercising, and cleaning up. These activities are not practical to do bright floral dresses and tights. Instead, I’ve turned into an activewear fanatic. 

I spend way more on my activewear than I do on traditional clothing, but I can totally justify it. I don’t buy cheap activewear. I go for the good quality expensive stuff – mostly from stores like Lorna Jane (my absolute favorite – I found them when I was an expat in Australia and after I moved back to the US they opened stores and an online shop here too), Athleta, lululemon, and Under Armour. I try to buy mostly sale items from these brands because even on sale it can be expensive. But occasionally I will splurge and pay full price at these stores, and for me it’s 100% worth it.

Here are the 9 reasons why I wear activewear everyday (and splurge on it too)

  1. Quality activewear lasts for years

    I am still wearing a few Lorna Jane leggings and tanks I bought when I lived in Australia (I moved back to the Untied States almost 5 years ago). That means several of my tights I have had for 5+ years. I don’t wear stuff that looks ratty. They still look new even though I wear, sweat, stain, and wash them weekly.

    I wore this Lorna Jane tank when I was pregnant with my daughter…

    …and again at workouts over a year after she was born….

    …I’m still wearing it now, over 2 years later!

  2. Quality activewear washes well

    I only wear each piece of activewear once before washing it because I sweat and stain these clothes every time I wear them. I have to wash an activewear load of laundry at least once a week. When I buy inexpensive workout clothes from stores like Old Navy and Target, they start to get rattly looking after only a few washes. The higher quality materials used in the more expensive workout clothes helps them tolerate wash after wash after wash.

  3. Quality activewear hides sweat and stains

    The sweat wicking fabric is a life saver for me on days I workout. I don’t glow – I sweat… I sweat A LOT when I work out. I buy activewear that is sweat wicking and I feel dry after my workouts. Sometimes I can’t go home immediately to change because my kids have a play date, or appointment, or I need to run an errand, so it is a lifesaver that these pieces can help me stay feeling fresh. 

    No visible sweat stains here!

  4. Activewear is comfortable

    Activewear is made for comfort: it is flexible, soft, and stays in place. Basically, you should be able to move freely and naturally without any restrictions when you’re wearing activewear.  This is ideal for a busy mom. I don’t miss the underwire bras I wore under my cute dresses (these days I’m in mostly sports bras), or constantly pulling my skirt down, or the high heels that looked great with my cute dresses. 

    Sometimes I even make my kids twin with me and wear matching activewear

  5. Activewear fits my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle

    Activewear is the most practical clothing for me, a stay-at-home-mom, to wear everyday. I don’t wear dresses (like I used to for work), or even jeans everyday anymore. I do wear activewear most days, so it makes sense to spend my money on something I wear everyday. My activewear is comfortable, stretchy, formfitting, cute, and practical. It’s perfect for exercise, chasing kids, cleaning up, running errands…

  6. I look and feel good in activewear

    I feel good in my activewear. Good quality black leggings will help stabilize and tighten your stomach, lift your butt, and flatter your curves. Sign me up for all that please.

    My supportive and flattering activewear leggings give me confidence.

  7. Activewear is fashionable

    Haven’t you heard of the new athleisure trend? It’s ok to go out to do everyday activities in activewear, so you don’t have to feel like a frumpy mom anymore just because you’re wearing your activewear. 

  8. Accessorize your activewear to fit many occasions

    Classic, good quality, black leggings go with anything. You can wear them during the day to a play date, to your workout at the gym, to the neighborhood playground, to school to pick your kids up, and even for a girl’s night or date night. There I said it – you can wear activewear for a night out! It’s all about accessorizing. Wear your classic black leggings with a long flowy top, strappy heels, and chic earrings.   

  9. Pretty activewear makes me happy

    Bright, fun, pretty clothes that allow me to express my personality make me happy. As a mom, I’m sometimes guilty of placing everyone else’s happiness before my own. If pretty activewear is something that makes me happy, then why not invest in it?

    I always feel happy when I look down and see my pretty purple leggings


Well, I’ve just talked myself into a new pair of bright pink floral leggings. How about you? Do you wear activewear daily like me with no regrets?


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