Some of my mom friends recently told me about Little Beakers. It is a science lab for kids, designed to make science accessible and fun for kids. They have an open lab, class field trips, and even host birthday parties!

This place sounded right up my alley and in line with what I value for my children and have been trying to present here on Engineering Emily, so I had to go check it out with the kids.

Last week was my son’s spring break and my in-laws came to town to visit. They came with me and the kids to Little Beakers. I’m so glad they were there to help because my baby girl was not ready to participate yet.

She is 16 months old and was not interested in the experiments. She wanted to touch everything and run around the lab, so I’m grateful my in-laws were able to keep her entertained while I helped my son in the lab. If I was there alone with my two kids I would have had a very difficult time managing my young toddler while helping my preschooler.

My 3.5 year old son had the time of his life! I’ve been doing a lot of science experiments with him at home recently, so he already was excited about hands-on science. When we got to Little Beakers and there was so many experiments to choose from he was very excited.

My son definitely needed my full attention and help the whole time we were there. There is no way he could have participated on his own, but he did great with my help. I am the mom who loves science, so I think I had more fun doing the experiments than he did! 😉

The helpful lab staff gave us a safety talk before we were let loose to experiment in the open lab. We were given a lab notebook with material lists and detailed instructions for many experiments. In the hour we were there we had time for about 5 simple experiments.

I would read about the experiment to my son and gather all the materials, then I’d let him (with my help and supervision) measure out and mix the ingredients.

My son especially loved making slime and watching bubbles foam out of an Erlenmeyer flask in one of the science experiments.

So fun to introduce my son to lab equipment like Erlenmeyer flasks


The slime experiment was a hit with everyone!

We had a great morning playing and experimenting at Little Beakers. In fact it was so much fun I’m considering booking my son’s 4th Birthday Party there this summer. 🙂

Right now there are only 2 Little Beakers locations in the Houston area, but from reading their website it looks like they are planning to expand with franchising. So keep an eye out for a Little Beakers near you.

{this post is NOT sponsored – I just wanted to share my review of a place we enjoyed!}


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