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Make S’mores in a Solar Oven | STEAM Activity for Kids

Today’s STEAM Activity is making s’mores in a solar oven! This is just in time for the Fourth of July, our favorite day to make and eat s’mores!  The title of our Lil’ Smore magazine (that I shared last week), made me desperately want s’mores. It is my favorite summer treat. We often cook the...

What Do You Do? Podcast | Engineering Emily Interview – Episode 02

You can now hear my engineering story on another podcast! What Do You Do? Podcast released my interview as a new episode last week.  What Do You Do? is a brand new podcast to learn about different careers. They interviewed me to learn about what a chemical engineer does. Of course I didn’t have a...

Pitsco STEM Explorer Pack | STEAM Toy Review

We were gifted the Pitsco K-5 STEM Explorer Pack to play with and share our review. Pitsco is a dedicated to bring hands-on STEM to classrooms and students across the country, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to test and share our experience with some of their wonderful educational STEM...

Curious About Fossils | STEAM Children’s Book Review

Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is Smithsonian Book's Curious About Fossils by Kate Waters.  I’ve shared activities and toys all about fossils this week, so it makes sense to end the week with a book about fossils! My husband and I found this book on Amazon, and it is perfect for my curious...

Dancing Bear Fossil Collection Kit | STEAM Toy Review

My son is really into learning about fossils and paleontology right now. His interest in the topic was sparked by our latest issue of Lil' Smore magazine, and we have been doing fossil-themed activities all week inspired by the magazine. My husband and I like to encourage our kids' curiosity when...

Be a Fossil Hunter at Home | STEAM Activity for Kids

Today’s STEAM Activity is becoming a fossil hunter at home! My kids have been really into dinosaurs and paleontology ever since we started watching Dinosaur Train on PBS. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it as educational and entertaining children’s programing. My kids have learned so...

Make a Fossil | STEAM Activity for Kids

Today’s STEAM Activity is making fossils! This is a perfect activity for any dinosaur loving kid. This activity was inspired by our Lil’ Smore magazine that I shared in yesterday’s post. The magazine featured an article on how to make dinosaur fossils, and my kids wanted to try it right away! It...

Lil’ Smore Magazine | STEAM Children’s Magazine Review

Today I’m sharing Lil' Smore, a STEM magazine for kids! Smore Science creates Lil' Smore and Smore magazines for kids. In addition to the magazines, they have a great website with activities, experiments, and information about STEM careers and the women who work in them. We were gifted this issue...

Don’t Call Me Bear by Aaron Blabey | STEAM Children’s Book Review

Today’s Friday Favorite STEAM book is Don’t Call Me Bear! by Aaron Blabey.  Aaron Blabey is a popular children’s book author from Australia. He also writes the Pig the Pug book series (my kids love these books too), among other popular books. I highly recommend checking his work out. All of...

Make a Bouncy Ball | STEAM Activity for Kids

Today’s STEAM Activity for slime week is homemade bouncy balls! I hope you and your kids enjoy this activity as much as we did! These bouncy balls were simple to make at home, and my kids were excited to make their own bouncy balls! We tested 2 different recipes and both worked great. Recipe 1...

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