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When I started this blog a few years ago I was a working mom. I worked part-time as an engineer and raised my son. Shortly after my daughter was born I decided to stay home with my kids for awhile. I’m starting to think about working again, so I know it’s in my future eventually.

When I do go back to work, I want my children to understand that I’m not choosing my career over them. I love them and I want to be around as much as before. Being both an engineer and a mom are things I worked hard to achieve, I enjoy, and that I can accomplish great things doing.

Sometimes I wonder if my kids will understand why I work as an engineer, or what I do as an engineer, or how hard the decision to work was. When I found out about Michelle Travis’s new children’s book called, My Mom has Two Jobs it sounded like a great book for working moms struggling with the same questions as me.

In the book she features moms with many different jobs, one of which is engineer. I love how she covers so many careers and emphasizes that moms can do anything. I asked Michelle to provide an intro to her book for us, and here is what she said:

I am a full-time working mom of two curious daughters. Each time I returned to work from maternity leave, I searched for children’s picture books that would help my kids understand what it means for me to be both a mom and have a career. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find children’s books that celebrate working moms, so I decided to write one of my own. My Mom Has Two Jobs gives parents a platform to talk with their kids about their work in a positive way.

On each page, children proudly describe how their moms care for them, while also making the world better through their careers. The book highlights moms in a wide range of professions, but I am particularly excited that it showcases an engineer mom—who uses her engineering skills both to invent new things and to build a rocket ship for her child out of an old box). I hope that having an engineer mom in a children’s picture book will help more girls imagine themselves in a STEM career. I also hope that the book will help women share the power and inspiration of being working moms.

My mom has two jobs

You can learn more about Michelle and her new book, My Mom has Two Jobs on her website. You may purchase this book from Amazon by clicking here.

I love the positive message behind this book and it’s something I’d like to read to my children someday. Is this a book you’d be interested in getting for your kids?


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