STEM for Kids


I always knew I wanted to start teaching my kids Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts early in their lives. My husband and I are both engineers, and we were both raised in families who supported and encouraged a strong foundation in STEM. I think our family’s encouragement in math and science shaped our belief in ourselves – to be brave and sign up for the advanced math and science classes and apply for engineering school in college.

I want to give my children the self-confidence they need, so they know that they can do or be anything they want. I want my kids to enjoy learning about math and science and become good at these subjects through practice and patience, so I’m starting them young (my daughter is one and my son is three).

We’re doing simple, easy and fun experiments that anyone can do with materials you usually already have at home. I hope you’ll join us and try these experiments with your kids too!

Summer Fun for Kids: 4 simple indoor & outdoor Rainbow STEM experiments

My family likes going to our local Boardwalk (dining and shopping along the lake) for dinner on Friday nights because they have live music and an open space. The kids love to run around in the green space and dance to the music. A few weeks ago they had a wonderful...
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9 Easy Preschool Math Activities you can do Everyday – Guest post for From Engineer to SAHM

In March I interviewed Christy, who runs the blog From Engineer to SAHM, for my Women in Engineering Interview Series. After the interview she asked me if I wanted to write a guest post for her about preschool math. I love to subtly teach my son math everyday, so...
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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Earth Day STEM activities for kids

When I was in third grade my teacher cast me as planet Earth in a class play about protecting our planet. It left a lasting impression on me and I think is part of the reason I am passionate about conservation. I hope introducing my kids to conservation and why it’s...
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Fun time at Little Beakers

Some of my mom friends recently told me about Little Beakers. It is a science lab for kids, designed to make science accessible and fun for kids. They have an open lab, class field trips, and even host birthday parties! This place sounded right up my alley and in line...
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2 Ocean themed STEM Experiments for Kids

Last week my son woke up from his afternoon nap and said, “I want to do a science experiment, Mama.” This request was completely out of the blue, and I was so proud. I’ve been trying to do anywhere from 1 to 4 science experiments per month with my...
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3 Valentine’s Day themed Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments for toddlers

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today I’m sharing my love of chemistry on the blog. Chemistry and math were my favorite subjects in High School, and the main reason I loved chemistry so much were the experiments. Chemical reactions are always fascinating to watch and I...
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Teach your kids STEM concepts while making Rice Krispies Treats!

Ever since my son turned three he has been wanting to help me cook in the kitchen. The idea of him cooking with me in the kitchen was fun, sweet and appealing, but in actual practice it can be stressful, frustrating and test of my patience. I have been slowly getting...
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Fun and easy straw rocket STEM activity for toddlers

In my previous STEM for Kids post I mentioned how much my kids and I love to read. I’ve taken them both to story time at the library regularly since each was child was about 9 months old. We have so much fun singing songs, listening to stories, and doing fun...
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3 fun and easy static electricity activities for babies and toddlers

Whenever I go to a holiday arts and crafts fair around town there is always one booth that makes me spend money every time: the books! Every time I see a book booth, book store, or get invited to an Usborne book party at a friend’s house or on Facebook, I always...
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Easy and fun tower building activity to teach toddlers about shapes and gravity

My son was given a set of square magnetic blocks for his second birthday. They are one of the best gifts he has ever received. He has so much fun stacking them, making towers, and knocking the towers down. I love this toy for him too because he is learning great STEM...
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Do you have an idea of a STEM for kids experiment you’d like us to try and post on the blog? Contact me today with your ideas.